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Last Updated Monday 30th December 2019


The last Nailsea and District Model Railway Club meeting of 2019 was our annual model making competition and quiz evening, which began in the usual manner with all the competition entries placed on the table as club members arrived. Once everyone had arrived, the quiz began, consisting of twenty five railway related questions.


This was followed by the judging of the modelling competition, with Brian Tozer returning as guest judge. The format of the modelling competition for 2019 was similar to that of 2018, but with a different theme. This year’s theme was buffer stops/stop blocks, with the overall maximum size of each entry determined by the scale modelled. Thus, a 2mm scale (N gauge) entry had a maximum size of twenty square inches, a 4mm scale (OO gauge) entry had a maximum size of forty square inches, a 7mm scale (O gauge) entry had a maximum size of seventy square inches, and so on.


Photos of all the entries in the 2019 modelling competition are shown below in no particular order.


Multiple stop blocks in one entry. The buffer stop on the railway line has been destroyed by some runaway wagons and the bus on the road below has had it’s stop blocked by the load of coal spilled by the crashed wagons.


This large scale entry full of detail, including a backscene, was one of the winning entries.


A basic end loading dock in OO gauge.


Another winning entry, this was based on a real life example where a couple of old iron van bodies were once used as buffer stops at Machynlleth in Wales.


This entry depicts a buffer stop at the end of a section of dual gauge railway line.


Another siding with plenty of vegetation growing around it in OO gauge.


Moving up to O gauge is another winning entry featuring a small hut built behind the buffer stop at the end of a siding.


This entry includes a loading platform running along the length of the siding as well as round the end of the track.


Two similar entries in different scales, but with the larger scale using a sleeper built buffer stop and the smaller scale using a rail built buffer stop.


Based on another real life example, this entry has a spare sleeper chained down to prevent anything rolling past.


Similar to the previous entry, another basic method of preventing rolling stock going beyond where it should is by laying a tree trunk across the tracks.


The competition is all done for fun and the theme of buffer stops/stop blocks demonstrates how much variety and detail can be included at the end of a siding on any layout.


Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s competition and if you’re interested in building models like the ones shown in the pictures above and live in the area, why not come along and join the club, where our members will be more than happy to discuss how they’ve created their models and share their knowledge.


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