May 2020 Update

Thursday 7th May 2020


We’ve not had an update on the website for a while, but despite being unable to hold our usual weekly meets, the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club have continued to support our members in their hobby during this time.


Since the lockdown due to the Corona Virus, we have set up a virtual meeting online using Zoom, held each week during the times our normal Club evenings would take place, and also made use of a members only Facebook group, to keep in touch and continue to share our hobby with each other. Although it isn’t the same as physically meeting up, we have however seen more progress on Club Members’ own layouts than we usually see at the Club room, where the layouts wouldn’t be able to be physically transported to. A selection of these are shown below.


Kit building has continued, with one member completing two 7mm scale nuclear flask wagons, which now just require painting, while another member has begun adding some extra detail to some N gauge Kestrel Designs shop kits using 3D printed parts.




Running model trains has also continued, with upgrades done to another member’s own multi gauge test track with the addition of some Märklin catenary equipment. The test track caters for gauge 1, 0, 00 and 3 rail with gauge 3 behind. Shown in the photos below is a Deutsche Bundesbahn 144 Class electric locomotive making use of the newly erected catenary and a 3-rail 2-6-8-0 BR53 from German manufacturer Märklin, which has revolving fans, lights, sound and smoke. The prototype for the latter, despite being designed, was never actually built due to war constraints.




For other members, work has continued on building layouts. Some of these have been the continuation of previous projects, while others have been new layouts only started since restictions were put in place. Working up through the scales, we have photos of three N gauge layouts, one OO-9 layout, one OO gauge layout and one EM gauge layout.


A new project started in March taking shape.


Track being laid on a previously planned layout housed in a shed 10 feet by 8 feet in size.


Electrical work beneath another recently started layout.


Continuing scenery work on the Morella Light Railway.


Tree planting and additional scenic work alongside a depot yard.


The beginnings of EM gauge layout, Supping Hole.


We’re all looking forward to seeing how the various projects progress and will shaer more photos in future updates.

February 2020 Update

Thursday 6th February 2020


It’s been a while since the last update on the various activities that the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club get up to on our Tuesday evening meets, but there has been plenty going on.


The most recent Nailsea and District Model Railway Club meeting was a talk evening all about signalling a model railway. This can be a complicated subject when it comes to trying to add signals to a model railway, with various different types of signal for different purposes available. The talk with slides illustrating various information was much appreciated and will no doubt be revisited at some point in the future due to the nature of the subject.


On a related subject, a previous modelling evening saw one of our members bring along a OO gauge signal box to show us that he had scratch built with a variety of materials from model railway accessory manufacturers and items found around the home. The model is shown below and will, by now, be mounted on his permanent home layout.



Amongst the modelling activities on a different modelling evening, another Club member was assembling some N gauge house kits produced by Metcalfe Models as shown in the photos below.




There’s been a huge variety of models given a run on the Club’s test tracks during the evenings that the Roundy Round has been set up, with too many to show here. To demonstrate the variety of rolling stock we have seen, the two photos below show an O gauge Class 50 with a Shell Oil tanker on the end to end test track and four steam engines from across the world on the Roundy Round test track.




In the above photo, from left to right is a HO scale Royal Bavarian State Railway Class BB II 0-4-4-0T, a HO scale South Maitland Railway 10 Class 2-8-2T, a OO gauge ‘Flying Scotsman’ (minus tender for testing), and a Great Western Railroad Decapod Class 2-10-0. It’s not very often you’ll see locomotives from Bavaria, Australia, Britain and America running side by side at the same time.

Annual Model Making Competition 2019

Monday 30th December 2019


The last Nailsea and District Model Railway Club meeting of 2019 was our annual model making competition and quiz evening, which began in the usual manner with all the competition entries placed on the table as club members arrived. Once everyone had arrived, the quiz began, consisting of twenty five railway related questions.


This was followed by the judging of the modelling competition, with Brian Tozer returning as guest judge. The format of the modelling competition for 2019 was similar to that of 2018, but with a different theme. This year’s theme was buffer stops/stop blocks, with the overall maximum size of each entry determined by the scale modelled. Thus, a 2mm scale (N gauge) entry had a maximum size of twenty square inches, a 4mm scale (OO gauge) entry had a maximum size of forty square inches, a 7mm scale (O gauge) entry had a maximum size of seventy square inches, and so on.


Photos of all the entries in the 2019 modelling competition are shown below in no particular order.


Multiple stop blocks in one entry. The buffer stop on the railway line has been destroyed by some runaway wagons and the bus on the road below has had it’s stop blocked by the load of coal spilled by the crashed wagons.


This large scale entry full of detail, including a backscene, was one of the winning entries.


A basic end loading dock in OO gauge.


Another winning entry, this was based on a real life example where a couple of old iron van bodies were once used as buffer stops at Machynlleth in Wales.


This entry depicts a buffer stop at the end of a section of dual gauge railway line.


Another siding with plenty of vegetation growing around it in OO gauge.


Moving up to O gauge is another winning entry featuring a small hut built behind the buffer stop at the end of a siding.


This entry includes a loading platform running along the length of the siding as well as round the end of the track.


Two similar entries in different scales, but with the larger scale using a sleeper built buffer stop and the smaller scale using a rail built buffer stop.


Based on another real life example, this entry has a spare sleeper chained down to prevent anything rolling past.


Similar to the previous entry, another basic method of preventing rolling stock going beyond where it should is by laying a tree trunk across the tracks.


The competition is all done for fun and the theme of buffer stops/stop blocks demonstrates how much variety and detail can be included at the end of a siding on any layout.


Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s competition and if you’re interested in building models like the ones shown in the pictures above and live in the area, why not come along and join the club, where our members will be more than happy to discuss how they’ve created their models and share their knowledge.

September 2019 Update

Monday 23rd September 2019


Amongst the usual Nailsea and District Model Railway Club meetings, our most recent Talk Evening hosted a talk from visiting speaker Paul Townsend. The talk was all about the Model Electronic Railway Group and all the benefits of becoming a member. Included in this, was a brief description of some of the electronic module kits that MERG produce for layout control.



As well as the talk and modelling evenings, the test track has had a fair bit of use again. Shown below are a few items of rollings stock some of our membersbrought along to give a run. These include a Class 33 and Class 47 in N gauge, a OO gauge LNER B12 Class tender engine and a HO scale New South Wales C32 Class tender engine.




July 2019 Update

Wednesday 17th July 2019


Despite the start of the holiday season, there’s still been plenty of activity at the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club. The first photo featured in this update is a OO gauge model of a goods shed, which has been scratch built by one of our members using a variety of materials and left over parts from other projects.



Instead of having a talk evening this month, we visited the garden railway of another of our members, who generously invited us all round to his house for the evening. A group of us gathered for a chat and to watch the trains go round, with a massive thanks to Mike and his wife for allowing us all round and providing some drinks and snacks. We all had an enjoyable time and a few pictures of the garden railway are shown below.








June 2019 Update

Monday 24th June 2019


Unfortunately, it’s been a while since the last update, but we haven’t gone anywhere and we’re still working away with our model railways. So, what have members of the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club been up to since the last update?


A few of us have model railway layouts still in the early stages of construction and shown in the photo below is an N gauge layout from one of our members still at this stage. The boards have been reused from a previous layout that has been dismantled, with a couple of modifications ready for a new railway to be built. A new track plan has been designed on a computer and printed out at full size to ensure the intended layout fits and looks workable before track laying begins. We look forward to seeing how this member’s layout progresses.



Continuing the theme of railway constrution, real railways need ballast under the track’s sleepers to from a solid trackbed and help with drainage, so moving up to a larger scale, we have a photo of a wagon being pulled by a diesel locomotive on the O gauge test track. This is a recent ready to run model of an OAA dropside wagon built in the 1960s which has had a ballast load added.



Also required for constructing a real railway is a crane to lift track panels into place. The photos below show an old OO gauge rail mounted crane produced by Lima, which had been damaged but given a new lease of life by one of our members. The old broken jib has been replaced by a new scratch built one with new string to represent the operating cables, the paintwork touched up and it’s ready to operate again.



March 2019 Update

Sunday 3rd March 2019


There’s now only five weeks left until the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s annual model railway exhibition for 2019. There’s been a couple of updates to the list of layouts, traders, demonstrators and stands that will be attending. To view the latest list and other details about the show, visit the events page by clicking here. Other preparations are also underway and some posters have started to be distributed around the local area earlier this week to help advertise the show. There is also an event listing on Facebook which can be found by clicking here.



It’s also been a while since we shared some photos of the general goings on during Club meetings, so below are a couple of shots of a recent running evening. First, demonstrating the range of interests our Club members have, is an overall shot of the Roundy Round test track featuring a mixture of N gauge, OO gauge and HO scale trains. Amongst those are a British diesel hauled train of bogie fuel tankers on the outer most loop of track, an American train of stone hoppers that almost entirely fills the loop of track, an Australian Intercity XPT and a couple of steam hauled passenger trains.



Moving over to the O gauge test track, pictured below is a work in progress pannier tank kit being given a run to check the assembly still allows smooth running before work on it continues.


Annual Model Making Competition 2018

Sunday 3rd February 2019


This update has come a little later than originally intended, but we can now share with everyone photos from our 2018 model making competition. The last Nailsea and District Model Railway Club meeting of 2018 was our annual model making competition and quiz evening, which began in the usual manner with all the competition entries placed on the table as club members arrived. Once everyone had arrived, the quiz began, consisting of twenty four railway related questions.


This was followed by the judging of the modelling competition, with Brian Tozer from Modelmania returning as guest judge. The format of the modelling competition for 2018 changed from previous years. Instead of having multiple categories for best item of rolling stock, best scenic item, etc. there was just the one category this year. This being a diorama no bigger than forty square inches with the theme of hoardings. The choice of maximum size for the dioramas was due to 2018 being the Club’s 40th year. The entries ranged in scale and size (within the forty square inch size limit) as well as interpretation of the theme.


The photos of the entries below are grouped in order of scale size from smallest to largest beginning with N gauge at 1:148 scale.


Burrows’ Yard, N, 1:148 scale


Impatience, HO, 1:87 scale


Ascot Terminus, HO, 1:87 scale


‘Aving a Go, OO, 1:76 scale


Floaty Woaty Advertising Ltd, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale


Amputation Station, OO, 1:76 scale


Miscommunication, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale


Shepherd Neame ‘Spitfire’ Ale, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale
Brylcream and OMO, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale
Wales (Travel by Train), 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale
Birds Custard, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale
South Wales Docks – British Railways, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale


Peterswood, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale – front


Peterswood, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale – back


The Last Hurrah of the Golden Hoard(-ings), 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale


Village Workshop, 1:35 scale – Front


Village Workshop, 1:35 scale – Back


Berlin 1945, 1:35 scale


Strong’s Brewery Hording, 1:32 scale


We’ll Meet Again, 1:32 scale – Front


We’ll Meet Again, 1:32 scale – Back


Christmas in the Park, 1:22.5 scale


Hoardingsfoot, 4in:1ft, 1:3 scale


The competition is all done for fun as can be seen by some of the less serious entries, such as Hoardings foot; featuring part of a hoarding at a scale of one third full size, and Miscommunication; built in a space of 400 square millimeters instead of 40 square inches and featuring a miniature copy of the Club’s 2018 Open Day flyer.


Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s competition and if you’re interested in building models like the ones shown in the pictures above and live in the area, why not come along and join the club, where our members will be more than happy to discuss how they’ve created their models and share their knowledge.

November 2018 Update

Friday 9th November 2018


There’s now five weeks remaining before the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s biennial Open Day. All the layouts at the show are owned and operated by club members and while some are still under construction, the purpose of displaying them is to demonstrate the large range of interests that our members have. There will also be a couple of sales stands at the Open Day, and with Christmas just over a week later, maybe there will be something for sale that could make the perfect last minute Christmas present for someone who has a model railway.


Details of the 2018 Open Day show can be found on the Events page by clicking here. There is also an event listing on Facebook which can be found by clicking here. Please share the Facebook event listing with anyone you think may be interested and don’t forget to ‘join’ the event and tick the relevant box to show you’ll be attending.


During the past month, there has been the usual mixture of modelling evenings, which continue to see a range of projects being worked on, and test track evenings with a range of models being tested from across scales and eras. The most recent talk evening didn’t feature a talk at all and was actually our now annual skittles evening, where club members and their partners who wished to attend all met at the Market Inn in Yatton for a social evening playing a game of skittles. Thanks go to the Market Inn at Yatton for hosting us and providing food and drink.


October 2018 Update

Monday 8th October 2018


The previous two talk evenings since the last update consisted of a slideshow evening at the start of September, showing a number of old railway photos from across the country, and a talk about scratch building simple model buildings.


The Roundy Round test track has continued to be popular on running evenings, with a large range of models being tested including Australian HO scale trains, N gauge Southern Region steam engines and present day Class 66s in OO gauge. The larger scale test track has also seen use on a couple of evenings with the testing of Gauge 1 scale locomotives.


Modelling evenings continue to see a range of projects being worked on. Included amongst those have been the construction of model building kits in various scales, using both plastic and card components. Pictured below are shots of two of our members working on an N gauge card kit produced by Metcalfe Models and a 1:35 scale plastic building kit produced by MiniArt Models.


Card Kit Assembly


Plastic Kit Assembly


As well as buildings, rolling stock has been worked on, with photos below showing a work in progress 7mm scale wagon built from a kit that utilises plastic and metal components, and some maintenance work being done to an old OO gauge Warship class diesel-hydraulic locomotive produced by Mainline Railways.


Scale 7 Wagon Work In Progress


Warship Maintenance


The final photo for this update shows another work in progress from one of our Club members. Every year, we hold a modelling competition for our members to show some of the models that have been completed during the year. This year we have a new format to the competition with the challenge of building a diorama no larger than 40 square inches. Below is the progress so far of one of these entries from a member who had never built a card kit before. We’re all looking forward to seeing all of the completed entries.


Diorama Work In Progress

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