Annual Exhibition March 16th & 17th 2013


We enjoyed a fantastic exhibition weekend with amazing layouts in a great venue. Huge thanks go to all those who’ve supported the event especially:


  • Keith Price and the Exhibition team for all their hard work in making the show a success
  • The Nailsea School Team for their helpfulness and support
  • Our show sponsor – Ray Heard Model Railways
  • The Catering team (those cup cakes were great!!)
  • All our Exhibitors and Traders for helping to make a great show
  • All the club members who turned out to man the doors, shift tables & chairs and wield the vacuum cleaner (thanks Barry!)
  • All you members of the public who paid to come to the show – our very special thanks to you!


We had a great weekend. The atmosphere created by the school atrium, with it’s natural light and modern decor, has been superb with a real buzz about the place. Many visitors and exhibitors commented on how well the venue worked.


Pempoul is an amazing example of the modelmakers art! Gordon & Maggie Gravett have created a masterpiece in miniature which has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Amongst other star exhibits, Bleadon – an ‘O’ gauge depiction of the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Light railway – is terrific and Hemyock, Gamle Carlsberg, Yeoton Wharf and Clydach are all exceptional! In some ways it’s unfair to single out particular layouts, since they were all of excellent quality and there was something for everyone.
Here are some photos taken during the weekend:


2013 Exhibition

[img src=]8990Padmouth - Doug Richards
[img src=]2700Padmouth - Doug Richards
[img src=]2540Padmouth - Doug Richards
[img src=]2230Padmouth - Doug Richards
[img src=]1990General view of the School Atrium
[img src=]2040Pempoul 1
[img src=]1570Pempoul 2
[img src=]1670Pempoul 3
[img src=]1510Pempoul 4
[img src=]1510Pempoul 5
[img src=]1340Pempoul 6
[img src=]1330Polpendra
[img src=]1080Polpendra
[img src=]1180Unserstadt
[img src=]1030Kayreuth
[img src=]1030BTW Dugelshaven
[img src=]1140BTW Dugelshaven
[img src=]1090BTW Dugelshaven
[img src=]1010Bleadon
[img src=]930Bleadon
[img src=]880Bleadon
[img src=]880Yeoton Wharf
[img src=]820Yeoton Wharf
[img src=]850Yeoton Wharf
[img src=]720Yeoton Wharf
[img src=]770Yeoton Wharf
[img src=]730Kayreuth
[img src=]660Kayreuth
[img src=]730Grove Dale
[img src=]660Grove Dale
[img src=]680Grove Dale
[img src=]680Grove Dale
[img src=]670Grove Dale
[img src=]720Gamle Carlsberg
[img src=]610Gamle Carlsberg
[img src=]560Gamle Carlsberg
[img src=]620Gamle Carlsberg
[img src=]580Gamle Carlsberg
[img src=]640Gamle Carlsberg
[img src=]900Hemyock
[img src=]950Hemyock
[img src=]940Hemyock
[img src=]890Hemyock
[img src=]840Hemyock
[img src=]910Hemyock
[img src=]920Hemyock
[img src=]860Clydach
[img src=]710Clydach
[img src=]700
[img src=]710
[img src=]690
[img src=]670
[img src=]650
[img src=]670
[img src=]1050
[img src=]910
[img src=]820
[img src=]790
[img src=]720
[img src=]700
[img src=]950Bleadon
[img src=]870Bleadon


We’re now looking forward to 2014!

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