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Great Western Sugar was one of the major organisations involved in the, government sponsored, sugar beet industry with large factories in several states. The Sugar Company set up the Great Western Railway in 1902 north east of Denver to connect with the main local railroads (the Colorado and Southern and the Union Pacific). It connected with the C&S at Longmont, Loveland and Windsor and with the UP at Eaton.




Windsor Track Plan


The GWR provided transport for the raw materials (sugar beets, coal, limestone) and products (sugar, molasses) of the sugar company. But because the sugar operation was a very short annual campaign it also operated as a common carrier for many other industries in the area.


The railway was separated from the, ailing, sugar company in 1978, survived as a separate entity and is still in business. The beet sugar industry declined in the 1970’s and was virtually gone by 1984.



Switching the Lumber Yard
Switching the Lumber Yard
Painters at Work?
Painters at Work?
On the curve into Windsor
On the curve into Windsor
Ace Tool Co.
Ace Tool Co.
Depot water tank
Depot water tank


The GWR operated a variety of motive power over the years on its 57 miles of railway. It started out with typical small steam engines mostly purchased new; and in the diesel era (from 1960 onwards) it moved towards mainly second hand units.


The model represents the GWR side of the interchange at Windsor with a variety of local industries. Both GWR and C&S power carry out the switching activities and take loaded ore hoppers from the mine in exchange for empties. There is also the (very) occasional passenger train.


Construction is lightweight open frame (mainly 6mm ply) with styrofoam and plaster shell landscape.


It was originally a traditional DC powered layout but has recently been converted to DCC by just adding a new power input cable. (As well as fitting a number of locos with sound decoders).



Exhibition Information:


The model is HO scale, set in the 1950’s, requires a minimum of two operators and can be transported in one car. Normal requirement is three operators and two cars for transport.

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