More About The Annual Exhibition 2015

Tuesday 17th February 2015


With just under a month to go until this year’s Nailsea and District Model Railway Club Annual Exhibition, here’s a bit more information about the layouts that will be attending.


Starting with the smallest scale that will be on display, Zobhafen in Z gauge shows an example of North European trains running in a space just 4 feet by 4 feet. The two 2mm scale layouts on display this year, Burnham-on-Sea and Tucking Mill both depict parts of the Somerset and Dorset Railway during the 1930s.


Moving on to HO scale, we have Beckenvick depicting Swiss metre gauge from the 1980s, Broadford demonstrating 1990s Australian trains and Jynnontonix displaying post 1960s Continental trains. We also have Stoney Hill West operating Canadian Pacific trains during the 1990s and Wynadotte Siding with Southern Pacific trains circa 1954.


Moving back over to Britain, in OO we have Bleakhouse Road showing the Somerset and Dorset Railway operating in 1962 under British Rail ownership. Also running British Rail trains is Devonport Road, this time on the Western Region around the 1990s. At opposite ends of Britain, we have Georgemas Junction, a present day Scottish themed layout and Resurgam Road depicting the Southern Railway. Finally, in OO, is Weobley Marsh with a Western Region theme, this time in the 1960s.


In the finer scale gauges of EM you will see models of the Weston Clevedon and Portishead Railway running in Clevedon circa 1936 and British Rail in the 1970s at Hebble Goods. Then in the even finer P4 scale is the Kent and East Sussex Railway during the 1930s operating on Rolvenden.


Last but not least, in the largest scale at the exhibition will be the O Scale layout Clarence Road operating trains from the Great Western Railway during the 1930s.


Clarence Road


Pictured above is part of Clarence Road which is owned by one of our Club members. Also owned by a club member, is the layout Jynnontonix, both of which, will be at the show.


With the range of different scales, eras and regions being displayed, there will hopefully be something for everyone to enjoy. For more details of the when and where, visit the events page by clicking here.

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