Annual Model Making Competition 2018

Sunday 3rd February 2019


This update has come a little later than originally intended, but we can now share with everyone photos from our 2018 model making competition. The last Nailsea and District Model Railway Club meeting of 2018 was our annual model making competition and quiz evening, which began in the usual manner with all the competition entries placed on the table as club members arrived. Once everyone had arrived, the quiz began, consisting of twenty four railway related questions.


This was followed by the judging of the modelling competition, with Brian Tozer from Modelmania returning as guest judge. The format of the modelling competition for 2018 changed from previous years. Instead of having multiple categories for best item of rolling stock, best scenic item, etc. there was just the one category this year. This being a diorama no bigger than forty square inches with the theme of hoardings. The choice of maximum size for the dioramas was due to 2018 being the Club’s 40th year. The entries ranged in scale and size (within the forty square inch size limit) as well as interpretation of the theme.


The photos of the entries below are grouped in order of scale size from smallest to largest beginning with N gauge at 1:148 scale.


Burrows’ Yard, N, 1:148 scale


Impatience, HO, 1:87 scale


Ascot Terminus, HO, 1:87 scale


‘Aving a Go, OO, 1:76 scale


Floaty Woaty Advertising Ltd, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale


Amputation Station, OO, 1:76 scale


Miscommunication, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale


Shepherd Neame ‘Spitfire’ Ale, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale
Brylcream and OMO, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale
Wales (Travel by Train), 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale
Birds Custard, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale
South Wales Docks – British Railways, 4mm:1ft, 1:76 scale


Peterswood, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale – front


Peterswood, 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale – back


The Last Hurrah of the Golden Hoard(-ings), 7mm:1ft, 1:45 scale


Village Workshop, 1:35 scale – Front


Village Workshop, 1:35 scale – Back


Berlin 1945, 1:35 scale


Strong’s Brewery Hording, 1:32 scale


We’ll Meet Again, 1:32 scale – Front


We’ll Meet Again, 1:32 scale – Back


Christmas in the Park, 1:22.5 scale


Hoardingsfoot, 4in:1ft, 1:3 scale


The competition is all done for fun as can be seen by some of the less serious entries, such as Hoardings foot; featuring part of a hoarding at a scale of one third full size, and Miscommunication; built in a space of 400 square millimeters instead of 40 square inches and featuring a miniature copy of the Club’s 2018 Open Day flyer.


Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s competition and if you’re interested in building models like the ones shown in the pictures above and live in the area, why not come along and join the club, where our members will be more than happy to discuss how they’ve created their models and share their knowledge.

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