April 2017 Chairman’s Challenge Modelling Competition

Friday 7th April 2017


The January 2017 issue of Railway Modeller magazine contained a free kit for a market traders’ barrow stall produced by Wills Kits. The Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s chairman thought it would be a good idea to hold a model making competition utilising this kit, with entries due to be judged at the start of April.
The only rules for the competition were to build, paint and decorate a 00 scale Market Stall utilising either the give-away kit in the January 2017 Railway Modeller or the Wills 00 scenic series Market Stalls kit, ref SS37. The only difference between the two kit options were that the free kit provided parts to build one market stall, while the other included parts to complete two market stalls.
Our most recent Club meeting was the evening for the completed models to be judged, with eight Club members supplying entries. Each completed model showed an impresive amount of creativity, making for a close competition.
Published modeller, Gordon Gravett, kindly came along for the evening to do the difficult task of judging the entries, all of which are shown in the photos below.


Fruit and Stall - A C


First place went the fruit and veg stall pictured above, with second place going to the fruit and veg stall with the red and yellow canopy pictured below. The book stall also shown included the two spare parts from the free kit with the rest built from scratch.


Fruit and Veg Stall and Book Stall - D R


Third place went to the fishmongers barrow seen below. This model has had the original kit modified to have only two wheels, which are on a rotating axle, instead of the four fixed wheels supplied. The seafood and set of scales were added instead of using the produce supplied in the kit and a figure was repainted to man the stall.


Fishmonger's Market Stall - J P


Utilising a number of spare parts from the creation of the fishmongers stall above, a barrel organ was also built, which is shown below.


Barrel Organ - J P


The difficulty of the task of picking a winner can be seen from the quality of the book stall in the next photo.


Book Stall - J E


Up next is another pair of market stalls built using extra materials to create two barrows from the single kit. The wheels on the green market stall were made from buttons, showing the ingenuity that can come from a challenge.


Fruit and Veg Stall and Book Stall - B M


Red and yellow seemed to feature on most of the models entered, as can be seen with this next fruit and veg stall…


Fruit and Veg Stall - H H


… and also this one, both having the canopy painted in the same pattern.


Fruit and Veg Stall - J D


The colours red and yellow still feature on this book stall, but overall this entry uses darker shades than on many of the other market barrows.


Book Stall - D B


It was great to see the different interpetations everyone had on how to build and paint the same kit, hopefully giving all our Club members some inspiration with the friendly competition.
Many thanks to Gordon for coming along to do the judging.

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