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Open Day 2018 Update

Sunday 10th June 2018


There is now a provisional list of layouts, traders and demonstration stands that will be appearing at this year’s Nailsea and District Model Railway Club Open Day Show on the Events page.


The list is still subject to change, but includes two Club layouts; Nailsea Wharf and New Mexico Railroad Museum; and layouts in a number of gauges and scales from N gauge to Gauge 1. Subjects modelled on these layouts include British, American, German and Australian railways, demonstrating the diverse interests Nailsea Club members have.


The current list of layouts, traders and demonstrators are shown below. Be sure to check the Events page of this website to see all the information about the Club Open Day 2018 by clicking here, or view the event listing on Facebook which can be found by clicking here.


List of Layouts:
Cedar Gap – N scale – Doug Richards
GLB Bitterfeld – HO scale – Eric Bird
Morella Light Railway – OO-9 scale – Heather Hatch
Nailsea Wharf – OO gauge – Club layout
New Mexico Railroad Museum – HO scale – Club layout
Paley Green – G Scale – Mike Brown
Pol Sands – 7mm scale – Ian Roll
Shed 101 – OO gauge – Barry Larkin & Paul Lewis
Stanley Yard – N gauge – Adrian Croshaw
Wheal Nook – OO gauge – John Bristow


List of Traders:
Brian Tozer (formerly Modelmania)
Keith’s Bits & Pieces


List of Other Demonstrators and Stands:
Modelling Demonstration – David Burnett
Gauge 1 – David Batstone
Club Information Stand

November 2017 Update

Sunday 26th November 2017


Progress to club layout Nailsea Wharf has transformed the look of the layout since the last update, starting with the addition of a backscene from the Gaugemaster range. Scenic work has continued with ground cover going down and the track being ballasted. There has now also been a page for Nailsea Wharf added to the website which can be found by clicking here.


Nailsea Wharf Overall November 2017 b


Nailsea Wharf Overall November 2017 a


The use of the test tracks has also continued to be popular with a large variety of locos and rolling stock being given a run in scales ranging from N gauge to Gauge 1. A selection of these are shown in the photos below, starting with an N gauge type JA electro-diesel (later known as a Class 73/0) hauling a train of Bulleid and Mk1 coaches all in BR Southern Region green livery.


N Gauge Type JA Electro-Diesel


Next up is a HO scale Colorado and Southern Railway locomotive made from a modified Rivarossi Baltimore & Ohio model.


Colorado and Southern Mining 0-4-0


More local models, in OO, was the recently released GWR diesel railcar number 11, produced by Dapol, being passed by an old Airfix produced model of Caerphilly Castle pulling some Cornish Riviera branded Collett Centenary coaches.


1930s GWR


Moving up in scale to O gauge, is this British Rail liveried Fowler 3F Jinty produced by Dapol,


O Gauge Dapol Jinty


And a BTH Type 1 diesel-electric locomotive (later known as a Class 15) produced by the Little Loco Company.


O Gauge Class 15


The final photo from the Club’s test tracks for now is a Gauge 1 DB Class 78 with a flat wagon transporting a couple of cars.


Gauge 1 DB Class 78 with Wagon



Now that the O gauge test track is operational, there’s just one more major feature to be completed and installed. A small hint at what this will be is seen in the photo below, showing some work in progress of hand builiding some track work. A number of sections have already been completed and will be installed once all the sections are finished.


Hand Building Trackwork

October 2017 Update

Friday 13th October 2017


Since last month’s update, there has been more work done on club layout Nailsea Wharf, this time to the control panel, which is pictured below. There are two old ECM controllers mounted on the board to enable two locomotives to operate on the layout at the same time. Below these is a diagram showing the track layout with slide switches to select which controller powers each section of track and toggle switches to operate the point motors. The diagram has been colour coded with red, green, blue and black to show which slide switch powers the diferent sections of the layout. There is also a switch on the right that disconnects the built in controllers from the layout, allowing an alternative controller to power the layout using the red and black sockets to the bottom right. This gives the layout compatibility for using a DCC system instead of just DC.


Nailsea Wharf Control Panel


Progress has also continued on the improved Gauge 1 and O Gauge test track during the last month, with wiring work now being done to the O Gauge trackwork. A few more weeks of work should see this part completed.


O Gauge Track Being Wired Up


As well as club projects, there has also been club members’ own projects being worked on, including the Gauge 1 signalbox model pictured below. This is destined for a layout based during the second world war and is having tiny strips of parcel tape added to the inside of each window pane to represent the gummed paper tape used during wartime to prevent shards of glass from flying inwards in a bomb blast.


Gauge One Signal Box


There’s also been some locomotive maintenance as can be seen in this picture featuring an old Tri-ang Brush Type 2 (later Class 31) partially reassembled after attempting to fix a fault. The edge of the test track is just visible for use once the loco has been reassembled.


Triang Loco Maintenance


September 2017 Update

Friday 1st September 2017


Quite a lot has been going on since the last update. Progress with improving the Gauge 1 and O Gauge test track has continued with the Gauge 1 trackwork now operationally complete. A new pale blue backscene has been added to hide the stone wall of the club room that the test track is built alongside and LED light strips have been installed directly above. Below is a photo featuring a GWR 48xx loco with a short train of mineral wagons and one of GWR Hall class loco Umberslade Hall, both on the Gauge 1 test track showing the new backscene panels.


Gauge 1 GWR 48xx


Gauge 1 GWR Umberslade Hall


Since these two photos were taken, the trackwork for the improved O Gauge test track has been partially laid. While this is yet to be completed, it is progressing nicely and part of it can be seen in the photo below that features a Gauge 1 LMS Stanier 8F loco. The two tracks nearest the wall are Gauge 1, and the two in front of those are O Gauge.


Gauge 1 LMS Stanier 8F


As well as the Gauge 1 and O Gauge trackwork, there has also been progress on another feature being added to this test track during the last month, but we shall reveal more on that in a later update.


Moving away from the test tracks, club members have also continued working on other projects. Wiring on club layout Nailsea Wharf is nearing completion, with the scenic area of the layout completed. A quick test during a recent meeting saw a couple of engines operate on the entire layout except for part of the fiddle yard, which just requires completion of the point wiring. Pictured below are three Great Western liveried tank engines on part of Nailsea Wharf.


Great Western Locos on Nailsea Wharf


Other projects worked on have been intended for club members’ own model railways. These have included constructing kits, weathering models, soldering handbuilt trackwork and control panel construction amongst other things. Pictured below is one of our members weathering a number of N gauge wagons by applying and removing paint to create a grimey appearance.


Weathering N Gauge Wagons


Finally for this update, we had a visit from a Technical Trainer at Eurostar Trains for a talk evening who gave us a slideshow of photos he’d taken during his time working for Eurostar Trains as well as a number of photos taken on visits to one of Switzerland’s railways. We also had a visit to the Dial Hill Railway, which is a private garden railway in Clevedon.

June 2017 Update

Sunday 4th June 2017


It’s been a while since I last posted an update, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been anything going on at the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club.


Progress has continued with the wiring on Club layout, Nailsea Wharf. It shouldn’t be too much longer before it’s operational. Work has also continued on the modification work being done to the club’s Gauge 1 and O Gauge test track. The last screw to hold the Gauge 1 track in place being fitted a couple of weeks ago. This completes the 23 feet length of the Gauge 1 test track with just some wiring to be completed before it’s fully operational.

 Gauge 1 Test Track - Last Screw

The running evenings making use of the Roundy Round test track have continued to be popular with a large range of rolling stock being operated on it. A short video of this is viewable on the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s Facebook page.


Two Weeks Until Upcoming Open Day 2016

Sunday 20th November 2016


There’s only two more weeks until this year’s Nailsea and District Model Railway Club Open Day to be held in Yatton, North Somerset.


With this in mind work continues with wiring up the new OO gauge shunting layout Nailsea Wharf in an attempt to get it operational in time for the show. In addition to the usual Tuesday evening meetings, a few club members also spent much of today progressing with the layout. Some adjustments have been made based on findings from a previous testing session and the track on half of the layout is now powered, leaving a few more wires to be soldered on the other half of the layout and the point motors to finish wiring up. The photo below shows a model of J94 locomotive ‘Wilbert’ posed on part of the semi-completed area of the layout.

 Wilbert on Nailsea Wharf

The recent test track evening brought about the usual mixture of modelling interests of our members with models based on American, German and British prototypes. The pictures below show a selection of these starting with a Gauge 1 DB Class 91 produced by Märklin which included sound and smoke effects. A short video clip of this can be seen on our Facebook page by clicking here.

 Gauge 1 DB Class 91


Another German outline model running on the test track was a HO scale DB AG class 101 pulling Talgo Night Express articulated coaches seen in the photo below.

HO Night Express


Also in HO scale was an American Trackmobile produced by Broadway Limited Imports, the prototype vehicle able to be driven on and off rails and used for yard shunting.

HO American Trackmobile


The final photo for this update shows an N gauge Class 47 hauling a passenger train in Network SouthEast livery, this year marking 30 years since the name and livery was unveiled.

N Gauge Network SouthEast Class 47

Don’t forget to click here to view the Open Day event listing on Facebook and ‘join’ the event by selecting the relevant box to show you’ll be attending. Please also share the event listing with anyone you think may be interested and we look forward to seeing you there.


September 2016 Update

Saturday 18th September 2016


To start with for this update, we have a photo of progress to the Club’s N Gauge layout Dixon’s Gate. Scenery work has been started, so far consisting of ballasting the trackwork, and testing continues to ensure that everything still operates after applying glue around the rails and point work.

 Scenic work begins overall view

Following on from David Burnett’s talk on modelling in EM Scale at the start of August, he spent last Tuesday’s modelling evening showing another club member what he was doing while constructing a turnout to EM gauge from a C&L Finescale kit.

 EM Scale Point Construction

In the last update, we mentioned the Weston-super-Mare Train Show held on Sunday the 11th of September. At the show was David Burnett’s EM scale layout, Great Swilling, and below are a few photos taken during the day. Also there was Mike Brown’s G Scale tramway layout, Paley Green Park.

 Weston Train Show 2016 a
Weston Train Show 2016 b
Weston Train Show 2016 c

Finally for this update, Jynnontonix, a German HO scale layout owned by club member Alan Crombie will be appearing at the Folkestone Model Railway Exhibition on the 1st and 2nd of October at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone. Below are a couple of photos taken during a recent testing session to ensure the layout is still operating correctly.

 Folkestone 2016 Testing a
Folkestone 2016 Testing b

End of June 2016 Update

Thursday 30th June 2016


There are a few things to report in this Nailsea and District Model Railway Club update.


Progress continues with the OO gauge shunting layout, Nailsea Wharf. All of the point motors have been fitted and the wiring started. There’s also been a number of buildings made ready for use on the layout. The photo below shows adjustment work to some of the track alignment to ensure clearance for scenery.


Nailsea Wharf progress June 2016


The club’s test tracks continue to be popular with a variety of stock from different eras, regions and countries being run. Shown below is a Deutsche Bahn Class 218 Diesel locomotive on the Gauge 1 test track.


Gauge 1 DB Class 218


New Club Chairman, Ian Roll has shared a few photos of his work in progress Scale 7 layout which are shown below. Polsands is a Southern Region shunting layout loosely based in the North Cornwall area.


Polsands 01
Polsands 02
Polsands 03
Polsands 04


Finally for this update, the dates for next years annual exhibition have been confirmed as being Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017 with 8 layouts and 8 traders already confirmed as planning to attend. More on those will appear nearer the time. There will also be an update soon with more information on this years Club Open Day to be held in December.

Mid May 2016 Update

Saturday 21st May 2016


Last week’s club meeting was a running night which saw a busy test track with a variety of different models running, some of which can be seen in the photos below. Items brought in by our members included a HO scale inspection trolley with wagons, a OO gauge Royal Train consisting of 67006 Royal Sovereign and matching coaches, a trio of OO gauge Westerns amongst other diesel locos, a HO New South Wales Garratt with hopper wagons, a number of OO-9 narrow gauge locos, and some long N gauge goods trains from different eras.

 Inspection Trolley
Royal Train
Trio of Westerns
New South Wales Garratt
OO9 Narrow Gauge Railmotor
Long N Gauge Freight Trains

While all of these trains were running a few of our other members continued working on some of their modelling projects. Progress continued with both the OO gauge shunting layout, Nailsea Wharf and the N gauge layout, Dixon’s Gate. Also pictured is a trio of Ivatt locos in EM scale that were being worked on by our club chairman for his layout, Great Swilling.

 Making adjustments to the track on Dixons Gate
Nailsea Wharf progress May 2016
EM Ivatts

Finally for this update, December 2016 brings with it our biennial Open Day show where you can see some of the layouts owned by club members and take the opportunity to talk to some of our members and maybe consider joining the club yourself. This year, the club Open Day is being held in Yatton Village Hall on the 4th December. More information will be listed here as it becomes available.

May 2016 Update

Saturday 7th May 2016


Following on from Norton Vale’s outing to the Bristol Model Railway Exhibition at Thornbury Leisure Centre last weekend, more alterations are being planned for the layout. The new fiddle yard seems to have acheived the desired operational improvement intended overall and the three days at the exhibition also showed where other alterations could be made. These improvements will hopefully be implemented before the layout’s next outing. Thanks go to the Association of Model Railway Clubs Wales and West of England for inviting Norton Vale to their show along with the layout operators who enjoyed the opportunity to run some trains.


As there isn’t much else to say for this update, included below are a couple of photos from previous meetings to show what a few of our members have been up to.


From large scale models – Detailing a Gauge One coach.


 Detailling Gauge One Coach


To smaller scales – Assembling a OO gauge card kit produced by Metcalfe

 Metcalfe OO Gauge Card Building Kit

And detailing and weathering a OO gauge plastic kit produced by Wills.

Wills Station Garage with Vintage Pumps and Oil Cabinet Kit SS12 - Windows Fitted

There’s also been continued progress to the new OO gauge harbour layout, more of which will be featured in a future update.


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