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May 2020 Update

Thursday 7th May 2020


We’ve not had an update on the website for a while, but despite being unable to hold our usual weekly meets, the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club have continued to support our members in their hobby during this time.


Since the lockdown due to the Corona Virus, we have set up a virtual meeting online using Zoom, held each week during the times our normal Club evenings would take place, and also made use of a members only Facebook group, to keep in touch and continue to share our hobby with each other. Although it isn’t the same as physically meeting up, we have however seen more progress on Club Members’ own layouts than we usually see at the Club room, where the layouts wouldn’t be able to be physically transported to. A selection of these are shown below.


Kit building has continued, with one member completing two 7mm scale nuclear flask wagons, which now just require painting, while another member has begun adding some extra detail to some N gauge Kestrel Designs shop kits using 3D printed parts.




Running model trains has also continued, with upgrades done to another member’s own multi gauge test track with the addition of some Märklin catenary equipment. The test track caters for gauge 1, 0, 00 and 3 rail with gauge 3 behind. Shown in the photos below is a Deutsche Bundesbahn 144 Class electric locomotive making use of the newly erected catenary and a 3-rail 2-6-8-0 BR53 from German manufacturer Märklin, which has revolving fans, lights, sound and smoke. The prototype for the latter, despite being designed, was never actually built due to war constraints.




For other members, work has continued on building layouts. Some of these have been the continuation of previous projects, while others have been new layouts only started since restictions were put in place. Working up through the scales, we have photos of three N gauge layouts, one OO-9 layout, one OO gauge layout and one EM gauge layout.


A new project started in March taking shape.


Track being laid on a previously planned layout housed in a shed 10 feet by 8 feet in size.


Electrical work beneath another recently started layout.


Continuing scenery work on the Morella Light Railway.


Tree planting and additional scenic work alongside a depot yard.


The beginnings of EM gauge layout, Supping Hole.


We’re all looking forward to seeing how the various projects progress and will shaer more photos in future updates.

July 2019 Update

Wednesday 17th July 2019


Despite the start of the holiday season, there’s still been plenty of activity at the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club. The first photo featured in this update is a OO gauge model of a goods shed, which has been scratch built by one of our members using a variety of materials and left over parts from other projects.



Instead of having a talk evening this month, we visited the garden railway of another of our members, who generously invited us all round to his house for the evening. A group of us gathered for a chat and to watch the trains go round, with a massive thanks to Mike and his wife for allowing us all round and providing some drinks and snacks. We all had an enjoyable time and a few pictures of the garden railway are shown below.








Open Day 2018 Update

Sunday 10th June 2018


There is now a provisional list of layouts, traders and demonstration stands that will be appearing at this year’s Nailsea and District Model Railway Club Open Day Show on the Events page.


The list is still subject to change, but includes two Club layouts; Nailsea Wharf and New Mexico Railroad Museum; and layouts in a number of gauges and scales from N gauge to Gauge 1. Subjects modelled on these layouts include British, American, German and Australian railways, demonstrating the diverse interests Nailsea Club members have.


The current list of layouts, traders and demonstrators are shown below. Be sure to check the Events page of this website to see all the information about the Club Open Day 2018 by clicking here, or view the event listing on Facebook which can be found by clicking here.


List of Layouts:
Cedar Gap – N scale – Doug Richards
GLB Bitterfeld – HO scale – Eric Bird
Morella Light Railway – OO-9 scale – Heather Hatch
Nailsea Wharf – OO gauge – Club layout
New Mexico Railroad Museum – HO scale – Club layout
Paley Green – G Scale – Mike Brown
Pol Sands – 7mm scale – Ian Roll
Shed 101 – OO gauge – Barry Larkin & Paul Lewis
Stanley Yard – N gauge – Adrian Croshaw
Wheal Nook – OO gauge – John Bristow


List of Traders:
Brian Tozer (formerly Modelmania)
Keith’s Bits & Pieces


List of Other Demonstrators and Stands:
Modelling Demonstration – David Burnett
Gauge 1 – David Batstone
Club Information Stand

July 2017 Update

Sunday 2nd July 2017


The dates and first few layouts have been confirmed for our next annual exhibition on Saturday and Sunday the 24th and 25th of March 2018. These include layouts in a variety of scales and gauges from N to O and even a layout built from LEGO® bricks. For the latest details of the 2018 Nailsea and District Model Railway Club Annual Exhibition, click here to view the Events page of our website.


This month marks the 50th anniversary of the last day of steam locomotives in regular service on the Southern Region of British Railways. The final steam hauled service ran on Sunday the 9th of July 1967, so to commemorate this event, the photo below shows part of a Southern Region layout built by one of the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club members featuring a couple of British Rail Southern Region steam locomotives.

Downsbay 001

End of June 2016 Update

Thursday 30th June 2016


There are a few things to report in this Nailsea and District Model Railway Club update.


Progress continues with the OO gauge shunting layout, Nailsea Wharf. All of the point motors have been fitted and the wiring started. There’s also been a number of buildings made ready for use on the layout. The photo below shows adjustment work to some of the track alignment to ensure clearance for scenery.


Nailsea Wharf progress June 2016


The club’s test tracks continue to be popular with a variety of stock from different eras, regions and countries being run. Shown below is a Deutsche Bahn Class 218 Diesel locomotive on the Gauge 1 test track.


Gauge 1 DB Class 218


New Club Chairman, Ian Roll has shared a few photos of his work in progress Scale 7 layout which are shown below. Polsands is a Southern Region shunting layout loosely based in the North Cornwall area.


Polsands 01
Polsands 02
Polsands 03
Polsands 04


Finally for this update, the dates for next years annual exhibition have been confirmed as being Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017 with 8 layouts and 8 traders already confirmed as planning to attend. More on those will appear nearer the time. There will also be an update soon with more information on this years Club Open Day to be held in December.

June 2016 Update

Thursday 16th June 2016


Since last month’s update, there has once again been a number of productive modelling evenings which has seen continued progress to the OO gauge shunting layout, Nailsea Wharf and the N gauge layout, Dixon’s Gate. Unfortunately there aren’t any new pictures of progress yet, but keep an eye on future updates for those.


This month’s talk evening was about soldering wires to the track to ensure a good electrical connection for powering the trains which proved useful for those that didn’t have much experience with soldering. No doubt there will be a few modelling evenings spent practicing with using a soldering iron coming up.


 In addition to the general update above, the July issue of the Railway Modeller that is currently available features an article from one of our Club members. Nailsea and District Model Railway Club member, Doug Richards has a six page article about his OO Gauge layout, Padmouth. This portable layout is based in the west Dorset / east Devon area during the 1960s, operating British Railways Southern Region stock. Featuring a small terminus station, locomotive shed and servicing area and a dairy, the layout allows operational interest along it’s 14 foot length. If you’d like to read more about Padmouth, the July 2016 issue of Railway Modeller (volume 67, number 789) is available at various magazine stockists for four more weeks before the next issue is released.


End of January Update

Sunday 7th February 2016


Following on from last months update, here are a few pictures from the Weston-super-Mare Train Show from the start of January.


Nailsea and District Model Railway Club member Doug Richards was there with his 3mm scale layout ‘Mendip’ pictured below, which featured British Rail steam and took only 9 months to build.

Mendip 1
Mendip 3
Mendip 2

Also pictured at the Weston-super-Mare Train Show was Sabden Yard by Club member Mike Brown. This is a G scale shunting layout that started life as a test and demonstration track which has had a few scenic features added.

Sabden Yard 1


Sabden Yard 2


Finally for this update, we have added a new page for the Club’s test tracks to showcases some of the models that our members have brought along to our running nights over the years, demonstrating the wide variety of interests in scales, gauges, eras and regions that Nailsea and District Model Railway Club members have, which can be found in the Club Layouts section of the website here.


New Year Update

Friday 1st January 2016


The first day of 2016 brings a few updates on the goings on of the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s members.


First up is an update to ‘Great Swilling’, an EM scale layout being built by Club chairman, David Burnett. A few more recent images have been added to the ‘Great Swilling’ photo gallery in the members’ layouts page of the website showing the progress made to the layout and rolling stock to run on it. To jump straight to that page of the website to see the progress so far, click here. If you’re interested in seeing more of David’s model, don’t forget to visit our annual exhibition in March where it is intended to have ‘Great Swilling’ on display.

 Great Swilling 013

Also coming up is the Weston-super-Mare Train Show on Sunday the 10th of January, an independently run show raising money for Weston Hospice Care (registered charity no.900328). Amongst the layouts on display will be three layouts from members of the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club. Peter Everitt will be operating HO layout ‘Port Washington’, Doug Richards will be there with a new 3mm scale layout ‘Mendip’ and Mike Brown will be making an appearance with ‘Sabden Yard’ in G scale.


Finally for this update, we have a couple of photos from one of our last running nights before Christmas. One of our members brought along a OO scale First Great Western liveried HST produced by Hornby including a Class 43 decorated with the commemorative livery of 43172 ‘Harry Patch’. As well as the interest this model alone generated, another club member had brought along a HO scale New South Wales Intercity XPT from Australian manufacturer Auscision Models. The British HST alongside an Australian HST with a similar body style made for an interesting comparison as can be seen in the pictures below.

 Test Track HSTs 1
Test Track HSTs 2

Great Swilling Update

Thursday 22nd January 2015


Just a small update today regarding one of our club members’ layouts.


Club chairman, David Burnett has given me a few recent photos of his EM scale layout, ‘Great Swilling’, showing latest progress to the on going work. These pictures have been added to the photo gallery on the page about ‘Great Swilling’ where you can also read a bit about the layout. To jump straight to that page of the website, click here.


Great Swilling 005


Also, as a small update to the events page, the prices for this years Nailsea and District MRC Annual Exhibition have been confirmed and are now listed with the rest of the 2015 Annual Exhibition information here.

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