Club Layout Progress

Sunday 4th October 2015


As well as the usual mix of activities during our modelling evenings, over the last couple of weeks there has been progress made with a couple of the Nailsea and District Model Railway Club’s layouts. Firstly, the N gauge layout, ‘Dixon’s Gate’ is continuing to have adjustments and electrical work done with the point motors to get them working perfectly every time.


There has also been work done to the new OO gauge layout which is to be based on a harbourside. The layout started life as an unfinished project by one of our club members with the addition of a spare baseboard to increase the size of it. A track plan has been drawn up for a shunting layout which incorporates the trackwork from the original unfinished project which has had a few minor adjustments made to it.


Track Laying on new OO Shunting Layout


The photo above shows the start of track laying on the new OO gauge layout. Much of the trackwork on this board was already laid as part of the unfinished project. This made use of insulfrog points and it has been decided to replace these with Peco electrofrog points. With the plans for the extended layout using the second baseboard, an additional set of points was also required, which has been added just before the joint between the two boards.


Next will be to start work laying the track on the other baseboard before wiring the whole lot up.


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