Annual Exhibition March 12th & 13th 2016


This year’s annual exhibition was as enjoyable as ever and once again recieved favourable comments from both visitors and exhibitors. As always, huge thanks go to all those who’ve supported the event, especially:


  • The Exhibition organisers for all their hard work in making the show run smoothly
  • The Nailsea School Team for their helpfulness and support
  • The Catering team
  • All our Exhibitors and Traders for helping to make a great show
  • All the club members who turned out to man the doors, shift tables & chairs and help out where needed
  • All you members of the public who paid to come to the show – our very special thanks to you!


There was a slightly reduced amount of space in use at Nailsea School for this year’s exhibition, only making use of the atrium and the larger classroom used last year, but not the smaller classrooms in between. The decreased area didn’t affect the high quality of the displays that were attending though.
Each year we try to have different layouts on display to the previous year and while a number of the layouts attending this year have been to numerous shows across the country in the past, we also had a few that hadn’t been exhibited before. This was also the first time that the entirety of Three Bridge Junction had been assembled all in one go due to it being too large for the creators to assemble in their own home.
All in all, the show was another success and while total visitor numbers were similar to last year, there were more children visiting, so hopefully their interest in model railways will continue and someday we may see some of their models at a future exhibition.


As usual, a few photos taken during the weekend are in the gallery below:


2016 Exhibition


Planning can now begin for the 2017 show!

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